Planning and construction of tactical vehicles for special missions

Fightech is proud to present one of the world’s strongest and most impressive ATVs.
An unstoppable tactical vehicle, with maximum navigability, that continues to race forwards in places where vehicles in similar categories are forced to stop: mud, thick forests, rocky ground, steep rises and sharp drops.

Thanks to its light weight, the Karnaf vehicle does not slow down even when carrying heavy loads, and continues to demonstrate impressive performances and amazing navigability.

The Karnaf’s unique capabilities make it the idea vehicle for use in countries with particularly difficult terrain, such as in Africa, South America and East Asia, and it is especially suitable for integration into local policing systems, and for guarding protected compounds.

The Karnaf was developed by a team of Israeli experts who joined forces to produce one of the most powerful vehicles in the industry.

The team included motor experts, a group that specialize in protection and vehicle modeling, and a first class engineering group. Fightech invites you to join the world’s leading security firms and security industries that are benefiting from the unstoppable power of the Karnaf.


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