About Fightech

Fightech was established in Israel in 1999 and specializes in providing smart solutions in the fields of system engineering and specific modeling.

The company’s premises are located in the Bar Lev Industrial Zone in Galilee where they cover 4,000 sq.m., and house some of the world’s most advanced smart manufacturing systems, thanks to which the company can provide its customers with fast, high quality and precision solutions, including creative and instant responses to even the most complex engineering challenges.

Over its years of activity, the company has built an international reputation as a leader in its field, which is meticulous about uncompromising product quality, use of the best raw materials, accuracy down to the last detail, meeting schedules and quality control to the highest global standards (ISO 9001).

Fightech’s customers include leading entities from the Israeli security system: IDF, Rafael, Israel Police, the Ministry of Defense, the Prime Minister’s Office, leading security industries and guarding companies from all over the world.
All Fightech’s customers benefit from close assistance throughout the work process, from the idea stage, through characterization, engineering design, to final production of the perfect product.

Now we invite you to join the dozens of companies throughout the world that have chosen Fightech’s groundbreaking engineering solutions.

Fightech’s services include

  • Technical upgrade of weapons
  • Building models for security exhibitions
  • Modeling security systems and vehicles
  • Building remotely controlled jumping image targets
  • Building remotely controlled autonomous or semi-autonomous moving targets
  • Building GPS or remotely controlled moving targets
  • Building situational awareness vehicles with camera guided driving
  • Building trailers for special missions
  • Upgrading existing engineering structures
  • Upgrading containers for a wide range of uses.

צור קשר

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