Development and installation of remotely controlled GPS guided systems on all kinds of motor vehicles


A system of dynamic, remotely controlled targets – exclusively developed, planned and manufactured by Fightech Engineering Bar-Lev.

The system can interface with motor vehicles of all kinds, including private cars, freight vehicles and AFVs, trucks, ATVs, two wheeled vehicles and motorized shipping vessels of all kinds.

The system has two operating modes, according to requirement/ need:

  1. Continuous control operation, from an operating wagon or dedicated control center. The operator has full control of the vehicle’s speed and movement.
  2. Semi-autonomous operation, where the route is programmed and set in advance by input of planned coordinates; the route can be built on a full aerial photograph of anywhere in the world, maximum accuracy, option to build a number of changing routes using land outlines saved in memory, ability to input and save about 10,000 coordinates at any time, and the possibility of changing a route while traveling.


The vehicle is able to travel at high speed, the system is easy to install and mobile.

It can be installed in the field in real time and dismantled and transferred between vehicles.

Security services use the vehicles for targets in live shooting practice; the vehicle simulates routine security activity and is used for intelligence gathering and patrols.

Ability to see and hear the vehicle’s surroundings using perimeter cameras; vehicle data, including sounds, can be sent and received over distances of up to 40 km. An automatic Fail-Safe system for manual braking of the moving vehicle if communication is lost.

There is also an emergency system on a different frequency to brake the vehicle in any other situation as required.

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